Diamond x 500
Pre-registration reward is available!

  • Union
  • Harz
  • Trevor

    “If you’re gonna regret anyway,
    why don’t you give it a shot?”

    A dealer who freely dual-wields to attack the enemies.
  • Amy

    “It may be terrible, but.. I still want to know my past.”
    A ranger that pours down the attack to distract the enemy formation with an arm turned into a weapon.
  • Raymond

    “Remember. Our mission comes first no matter what.”
    An immortal tanker that takes the enemy's attack with a great sword while standing on the front.
  • Craig

    “There are things.. You shouldn’t bother to know.”
    A dealer that burns down the battlefield with his flaming arm.
  • Evelyn

    “No one deserves to be ignored.”
    A ranger that devastates the enemies with powerful grenades.
  • Nadine

    “All right, my friends! Are you ready?”
    A tanker that makes the enemies immovable with a lion-like upper body and a powerful ax.

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